Sony's Alleged Xperia 3 Flagship Shows Its Face In Live Pictures


The Sony Xperia 1 was announced back in February this year, and its successor is expected to arrive in February next year. That successor may have just appeared in live pictures, the Sony Xperia 3.

The Sony Xperia 3 appeared in two live pictures, no major changes in sight

The device appeared in two images, both of which have surfaced in China. Now, take this leak with a grain of salt, as per usual. This is the first time that we're seeing a leak of the alleged Xperia 3.

Sony's naming scheme is quite confusing at this point. The company decided to ditch the 'Xperia XZ' branding for its flagships, and go with simple numbers. The Xperia 1 was announced as the company's 2019 flagship, but… then came the Xperia 5.


The Xperia 5 is essentially a more compact Xperia 1. Having that in mind, its name, the Xperia 5, doesn't really make much sense. Speaking of which, the Xperia 3 name also doesn't make much sense, what happened to the Xperia 2?

We have so many questions when it comes to Sony's naming scheme for its devices, but that's a story for some other day. The point is, this is allegedly the Xperia 3, and it resembles the Xperia 1.

It will have a 20:9 display aspect ratio, just like its predecessor

The front side of the device actually looks a lot like the Xperia 1. Its top bezel is thicker than its bottom one, and the device is quite tall. That is not surprising, as this phone is expected to include a 21:9 display, the same as the Xperia 1.


The second Xperia 3 image that surfaced, shows the phone from the right side. You will notice that a fingerprint scanner is located there, a capacitive one. A power / lock button is not visible here, though, which probably means this fingerprint scanner will act as a power / lock key as well.

Now, based on this image, the top and bottom sides of the phone actually seem to be thicker than the middle portion of the device. That could just be an optical illusion, but it sure seems like it.

Based on this image, the Xperia 3 will include a vertically-aligned camera once again. Those cameras will be centered on the back of the phone, and we still do not know how many of them will be included.


The device will arrive in two variants, only one will support 5G

The company is expected to introduce two variants of this phone. One is codenamed 'Kona', the other 'Huracan', at least according to rumors. What's the difference between the two? Well, one will include 5G support, the other will not.

The Sony Xperia 3 is expected to be made out of metal and glass yet again. The device will be fueled by the Snapdragon 865, and it is expected to arrive in February. It may take Sony a while to make it available, the same as with the Xperia 1. That phone launched in February, but it was not available until June.

Android 10 will almost certainly come pre-installed on the phone, with Sony's UI. The device will include a large OLED display, and a flat display, quite probably.