Capcom Has A New Monster Hunter Game Coming To Mobile


There's a new Monster Hunter game coming to mobile devices called Monster Hunter Riders. It looks to be some sort of new gacha game that will let you collect different dragons to ride into battle.

Unlike Monster Hunter Stories, which is a fully-fledged RPG. Monster Hunter Stories also has more of a traditional feel and gameplay that is akin to other Monster Hunter games.

Riders takes place in the land of Felgia and will feature most or all of the different monsters and types of monsters from previous games in the series. So fans who have played other Monster Hunter games may enjoy this for its familiarity.


That said, this is only scheduled for a release in Japan at the moment and Capcom so far hasn't mentioned anything about a global release, which would include availability in the US.

Capcom's new Monster Hunter mobile game launches on February 29

The game is scheduled for release in Japan on February 29, which is one month away. That gives plenty of time for Capcom to prepare and announce a Western release.

Though there's a good chance that it will only launch in Japan at first. If there is a plan to launch the game globally, it may not be until later in the year. And Capcom has never really shied away from announcing if its games were coming to the US or not.


The lack of an official announcement about this getting a release outside of Japan suggests that the game will either not release outside of Japan or just not right away. Those traveling in or living in Japan will be able to get their hands on it though, and the game is already up for pre-registration on Google Play within the country.

Those who pre-register will get free in-game gifts if tiers are met

Although this isn't officially releasing in the US, you can still pre-register for the game. You will however need to have access to a Japanese Google Play account. Which you would typically need a VPN for.

Those who pre-register will get in-game gifts for every tier met. Which looks to include things like the game's digital currency and other possible items. The game will feature anime visuals just like Monster Hunter Stories. It appears there will be some pretty exciting and dynamic combat as well.


There is also a trailer of the game that Capcom has published which can be viewed below showing some of the game's visuals and potential combat system.