Nintendo Mobile Games Have Made $1 Billion Over Their Lifetime


Nintendo mobile games are making the company a ton of money. A recent report from Sensor Tower shows that the company has made over $1 Billion from all of its game combined.

This is over the lifetime of those games, which means as far back as the arrival of Super Mario Run when it launched on iOS.

Most of the games in Nintendo's mobile lineup are generating close to the same amount of revenue, save for a couple. Which is good for Nintendo because it showcases that each game is fairly steady in terms of player spending.


One game in particular though has made more money for the company than all the rest. Fire Emblem Heroes.

The most popular of all Nintendo mobile games is Fire Emblem Heroes

At least in terms of player spending, Fire Emblem Heroes seems to be the most popular mobile game.

Since it's launch it has generated around 61-percent of all the revenue from in-game transactions that all of Nintendo's games on Android and iOS have made. That total dollar amount is $656 Million.


Nintendo Mobile Player Spending

The closest to that is Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, which generated $131 Million since it launched. By comparison, that's a very small amount. But not nearly as small as the $4.8 Million that was generated by Dr. Mario World.

Which seems to be Nintendo's least popular game in the library of offerings. Even Mario Kart Tour which launched quite a while later has already surpassed Dr. Mario World in player spending with its $86 Million.


Japan makes up most of the revenue Nintendo has earned

More than half of the money Nintendo made from its mobile games since its very first one launched has been generated in Japan.

Which makes sense. Nintendo is a Japanese company and is very popular there. As are mobile games. 54-percent of the revenue in fact comes from Japan, which is about $581 Million.

The US makes up the second largest segment of the revenue at $316 Million or around 29-percent. Over the years Nintendo has tried out different monetization models. Starting with charging outright for Super Mario Run to access the full game.


Its most recent offering, Mario Kart Tour, gives you the option to pay for in-game premium currency to collect new drivers and karts. There's also the subscription for the Gold Pass which is $5 a month, and the newest part of Nintendo's mobile monetitzation methods.

Even though Mario Kart Tour hasn't been around as long as Fire Emblem Heroes, it's gained popularity quickly as the company's most downloaded game. So with enough time, the monetization method is has applied could prove to be just as successful.