Chrome OS Set To Introduce New Sharesheet


Google Chrome is likely to receive a new Android-like sharesheet function in the coming weeks. This move would mirror Android's functionality to share any type of file between apps easily. 9to5 has found that a new introduced to Chrome is entitle "Sharesheet" and has inferred the move from this.

This comes just after another recent update for Chrome which allows users to define words with just a single tap.

On top of this, Chrome appears to also be working on a memory saving feature. No word on exactly how and when this will roll out but it has been a busy few months for Chrome users as they receive all of this news.


Android-like sharesheet coming to Chrome

"Sharsheet" or "Sharing Hub" has also been a feature that Chrome for Android users have gained in recently. It replaced the native sharing of Android with a new system. It included new options such as the ability to share a screenshot or aQR from the page you are on.

However, until now Chrome OS has not offered a way to share between different apps, unlike Android.

Some would argue this is quite surprising given they have access to a number of Android apps. These include the likes of Linux and Windows which is coming soon. However, that is all set to change.


Sharesheet to mirror sharing hub

The idea is that "Sharesheet" will likely be very similar to Android's Sharing Hub. This means it will offer users a list of "Share Actions" to choose from. No confirmation has emerged on exactly what these options will be, however, 9to5 has been speculating on this.

They believe that these actions will come from the apps you have already installed on Chromebook. It could also include any apps that have been declared a "share target". This would inherently align it with the "Sharing Hub" feature on Chrome for Android.

This Sharesheet is likely to be the perfect place to see Google's upcoming sharing features. No exact confirmation has been given as to what will be shareable through this sharesheet.


However, it is likely that a share button will be placed somewhere in Chrome's toolbar. Although this may only be a temporary placement.

This seems to be a very positive move from Google. However, this is only in the early stages of development so it could be some time before we see this fully rolled out. It could make Chrome OS a much more dynamic and user-friendly operating system.

It should align the operating system with other top smartphone systems thus pulling it up the ranks. However, it is worth noting that this feature is still likely to be some way off and there is not confirmation that it will definitely happen in any case