Google Pixel 4a Delayed Again, But It'll Still Be Announced In July


The title here may sound a bit odd, but that's the situation. The Google Pixel 4a has been delayed again, but not its launch date, but it's availability.

According to a new post by Jon Prosser, Google will still announce the Pixel 4a on July 13. The thing is, its release date has been pushed further back, to October.

The Google Pixel 4a got delayed again, now set to become available on October 22

The source claims that the Pixel 4a "Black" model is now set to launch on October 22. The "Barely Blue" model has been removed from the system entirely, however.


This is getting extremely confusing at this point. The same source previously reported that the "Just Black" variant will reach the market on August 6. The "Barely Blue" model was supposed to follow on October 1.

Well, that's not the case any longer, at least as things stand at the moment. Jon Prosser said that "timelines got pushed due to market conditions" last time. We don't know what's happening now.

The good news is, the phone will still launch on July 13, it seems, that date hasn't been touched. At that point, Google will release more information regarding the whole thing, hopefully.


The Google Pixel 4a is one of the most anticipated mid-range phones of the year, at least for the tech community. The device will be a direct successor to the Pixel 3a, and a competitor to the iPhone SE 2… in a way.

The Pixel 4a is expected to launch with a similar price tag as the iPhone SE 2. it will also be quite compact. Not as compact as the iPhone SE 2, but quite compact for today's standards.

The device will include a mid-range processor, unlike Apple's iPhone SE 2

Unlike Apple's device, the Pixel 4a will include a mid-range processor, and considerably thinner bezels. It will ship with wireless charging, it seems, and quite a compelling camera setup, probably taken from the Pixel 4.


The Google Pixel 4a is expected to beat the iPhone SE 2 in the camera department, while those thinner bezels will also appear to more people, as they look more modern. The iPhone SE 2 will definitely have the processing power on its side, though.

In terms of battery life, it remains to be seen what will happen. You never know with Google's Pixel phones. The Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 were a disappointment in that regard, but the Pixel 3a did have pretty good battery life.

The Google Pixel 4a will probably be made out of polycarbonate (plastic). It will include a display camera hole in the top-left corner, and ship with a rear-facing fingerprint scanner. There you go, the Google Pixel 4a got delayed again, it seems, but this is not official info.