Google Pixel 4a May Launch With A Different Name


Things are getting quite complicated when it comes to the upcoming Google Pixel 4a. If the latest piece of info is to believed, the Pixel 4a will launch with a different name.

Every single piece of information that surfaced thus far suggested that the phone's name will be the Pixel 4a. Well, it may launch as part of the Pixel 5 series, after all.

The Google Pixel 4a may launch with a different name, but take the info with a grain of salt

This information comes from Ishan Agarwal, a well-known tipster. Do note that he's not too sure whether the info is accurate, or not, though. So, take this information with a grain of salt.


The info he got his hands on claims that there may be three Pixel 5 handsets, and no Pixel 4a. In other words, the Google Pixel 4a may launch with a different name, a Pixel5 name.

He did not mention what name may that be, but we're guessing the Pixel 5a or Pixel 5 Lite, maybe. Those would be logical choices. The first one if Google wants to skip the Pixel 4a name altogether, and the second to signalize a 'Lite' variant of Google's Pixel 5 series.

The first name could create quite a bit of confusion, though. We're only guessing here, as this information may be completely off, as Mr. Agarwal mentioned. Google may proceed with the Pixel 4a name after all.


It seems like the best-known tipsters in the business are getting quite confused themselves, at this point. One has to wonder if Google is sharing this information on purpose just to confuse everyone.

The device got delayed again, it seems

That would be quite a twist. It was reported earlier today that the Pixel 4a is yet again delayed. The phone will still launch on July 13, it seems, but it won't become available until late October.

It was initially reported that the first Pixel 4a color option will go on sale in August. Well, if today's information is to be believed, the phone got delayed quite a bit… again.


We do hope that Google will clear everything up on July 13. That date still seems to be intact as the Pixel 4a launch date, or whatever the phone ends up being called in the end.

The Google Pixel 4a will ship with the Snapdragon 730 SoC, allegedly, along with 6GB of RAM. The device will be made out of polycarbonate, and it'll hopefully include a large battery on the inside.

The phone will include a rear-facing fingerprint scanner. It will also support wireless charging, if the leaked information is to be believed.