Huawei May Get Exclusive Access To Visionox's Under-Display Camera Tech


Huawei may get exclusive access to Visionox's under-display camera tech. The best of all, that could happen this year, if reports from China are anything to go by.

Visionox recently announced that its under-display camera tech is ready to go. The company will mass-produce it, and it's possible that Huawei may get exclusive access to it in 2020.

Huawei may be first to use Visionox's under-display camera tech

Huawei will not be the only company to use it in general, but it will at first, claim these reports. Visionox's camera tech ships with its own displays, it seems, as Visionox is a display manufacturer, not a camera manufacturer.


The reports claim that the upcoming HONOR Magic smartphone may be the first handset to support such tech. HONOR is owned by Huawei, as you all know, so that's not exactly surprising.

HONOR likes to experiment with its 'Magic' smartphones, so this may as well be true. Huawei / HONOR may be the first to release such a phone, as other OEMs don't seem to be ready to do so.

Both OPPO and Xiaomi did demo under-display camera tech last year, but have no plans to release it anytime soon, at least not OPPO. The company's executive said that consumers shouldn't be too excited for the tech this year.


By that, he basically said that it won't happen until at least 2021. He said that the technology still needs to mature, as it's not ready for primetime. Visionox seems to disagree with that, considering its solution will be ready for OEMs soon.

Xiaomi doesn't seem to be ready for something like that either, but the company may surprise us. Meizu's executive agrees with OPPO, as he also doesn't see such tech in consumer phones anytime soon.

Under-display camera tech could end the trend of display notches and holes

Under-display cameras could solve one of the biggest issues with today's phones, notches and display holes. Such trends started several years ago, and they don't seem to be going away.


Some companies opted to include pop-up selfie cameras on their phones to avoid using a notch or display hole. That did work, but not many people like the idea of moving parts inside a phone. Under-display camera tech would solve that issue.

It remains to be seen what will happen, but there's still a chance we'll see this technology in a consumer phone this year. Many reports have been claiming that will not happen.

Whatever the case may be, 2021 seems to be the year of under-display cameras, at least I hope it will be. It's time notches and display holes become a thing of the past.