These Are Huawei Smartphones With Under-Display Cameras: Patent


Huawei has patented some interesting smartphone designs, smartphones with under-display cameras. This information comes from Letsgodigital, and two such patents were spotted at CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Office).

Both of these patents popped up on June 2, so they're brand new. These two smartphone designs look almost the same. The only difference can be visible on the back, as they include different camera setups.

Huawei patents two smartphones with under-display cameras

One thing you'll notice on both phones is that they don't have a front-facing camera. Well, they do have one, but it's placed under the display. That is the technology that we've been waiting for, and it may be coming later this year or in 2021.


Thanks to the fact that these two phones don't have a display camera hole, or a notch, while also have no bezels, they look quite futuristic. We've already seen such a phone with pop-up cameras, but there's no need for such a camera here.

Another interesting thing you'll notice here is the fact they don't have physical buttons on the sides. The power on / off button is placed at the top, though, but the two phones don't seem to utilize volume rocker keys.

Huawei probably envisioned a virtual sidebar volume buttons for this phone. We've already seen such tech on the Huawei Mate 30 Pro. In order to call upon the volume settings, you simply need to double tap on the side of the display.


The Huawei Mate 30 Pro includes a waterfall display, and the same goes for these two phones.
In fact, one of them does resemble the Huawei Mate 30 Pro to an extent.

A Type-C USB port is placed on both of these phones, along with a loudspeaker. Do note that Huawei did not mention under-display cameras along with these patented smartphones.

Xiaomi & OPPO already demoed devices with under-display camera tech

Considering we can't see such cameras, they're almost certainly placed under the display. Xiaomi and OPPO already demoed under-display camera tech. Such technology is still not ready for primetime, but it is coming.


Under-display camera tech may kill off display holes and notches. Many people wouldn't mind that, as that would result in nicer-looking devices, and more screen real-estate at the same time.

Now, as it usually goes with patents, just because Huawei patented these designs, that doesn't mean they'll ever become a reality. This does look like something Huawei would release, though.

We're not sure when we'll see the very first consumer device with an under-display camera, but that will probably happen in the near future. Such phones are coming either later this year, or next year.