This Is The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra In "Mystic Bronze"


The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is still a little over a month away from being released, but that isn't stopping the leaks. This is supposedly the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in a Mystic Bronze color. And honestly, it looks hot.

Samsung accidentally posted this on its Russian website and then took it down quite quickly – as you can imagine. But it does show us a few things about the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

These are promotional images that we'll see on the Galaxy Note 20 website soon enough

These are obviously promotional images of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, that Samsung will put on its website once the phone is made official. But it does show us that there is going to be a triple camera setup here. And there doesn't appear to be a Time of Flight sensor included – unless its inside that black rectangle on the right.


The bottom sensor appears to be the zoom lens, as it looks like a periscope lens in there. With the other two likely being an ultrawide and the main wide sensor. It does have a pretty large camera bump, though it doesn't look quite as large as the Galaxy S20 Ultra's was.

What's also interesting here is that the whole backside is bronze. That includes the camera bump, and the frame. Normally, these are two toned. So that is really nice to see. And of course, the S Pen also matches it in that Mystic Bronze color.

Galaxy Note 2o Ultra will debut at Unpacked next month

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is set to debut alongside the other two Galaxy Note 20 devices (as well as the Galaxy Fold 2 and Galaxy Z Flip 5G) next month at a virtual Unpacked event.


There were some rumors floating around that the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra may not be happening. But those were shot down pretty quickly, as we started seeing leaks showing three different Galaxy Note 20 smartphones.

Galaxy Note 20 is actually shaping up to be a really nice upgrade from the Galaxy Note 10 it released last year. With the much improved cameras – even from the Galaxy S20 series announced earlier this year. And of course the improved S Pen that will come alongside it. Of course, the price is not going to be pretty for any of the Galaxy Note 20 smartphones. It wouldn't be too surprising to see it launch starting at $1099 for the Galaxy Note 20. Seeing as it is usually more than the Galaxy S lineup.