How To Cancel YouTube TV


YouTube TV recently announced a pretty insane 30% price hike, bringing the price to $65 per month for the service. And since they don't offer different packages, you're stuck with just that one plan.

This is making a lot of people want to cancel their subscription to YouTube TV. But how can you cancel it? Well, here's how.

How to cancel YouTube TV

To cancel YouTube TV, you'll need to either open the app, or go to


Then tap on your profile icon in the right-hand corner.

Now tap on Settings.

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Tap on "Membership" which should be the first option on the left side.

Then you should see "Pause or cancel membership" underneath the YouTube TV listing that shows it as $49.99 per month and that the price is going up to $64.99 as of your billing date after July 31.

cancel youtube tv


Click on that. Then you can choose to either pause your membership for a specific amount of time, or click cancel.

After you click cancel, it'll ask to make sure you want to cancel, and just go through that process until it has successfully cancelled.

And that's it. It's pretty simple to cancel, and that's one thing that YouTube TV still has over cable. The ability to easily cancel TV service, without needing to call them and explain to them you don't want it any longer.


What's the difference between cancelling and pausing YouTube TV?

Cancelling means that you're not planning to return anytime soon. While pausing means that you plan to return in a month or two, or even longer.

If you do want to get rid of YouTube TV for a couple of months, pausing is the right way to go. This is because it will keep all of your shows in your library. While cancelling will get rid of it all.

However, with this price hike, YouTube TV is likely going to be seeing a whole lot of people cancelling their membership, unfortunately. Even though YouTube TV is a really good service – I'd still say, one of the best out there. At $65 per month, it's a pretty tough ask. Especially since YouTube TV only has one plan, so you're stuck paying for all of those channels at $65/month. Instead of having a smaller plan option that costs, say $50 per month for fewer channels.


Though it does sound like different packages are in the works for YouTube TV, so there's that.