Huawei Mate 40 Pro Could Have 3D Face Recognition For Payments


The Huawei Mate 40 Pro is rumoured to come with 3D face recognition for payments as reported by Gizmochina. The world's largest smartphone maker is getting close to realising the Mate 40 Pro and as a result, more details are leaking out.

The latest reports suggest that the new device will come with 3D face recognition technology. This will, in turn, be used to authenticate digital payments. Rumours indicate the sensor for this function will be under the punch-hole cutout.

3D face recognition for payments

It is important to note that his technology is not strictly a new offering from Huawei. The ability to authenticate payments with 3D face recognition is something the company has offered for a while.


The Mate 30 and Mate 20 also had this functionality. Huawei is keeping the technology on the new model. However, it may offer some new improvements to keep things fresh.

Everything seems on track for the release of the Mate 40 pro though. Back in June, it was reported that the new device would release as planned in October. Given all the disruption in the world, it is surprising Huawei has been able to keep so rigidly to their schedule.

Other features also rumoured

Leaks suggest that the Mate 40 Pro will come with a 90Hz refresh rate display. The screen will also be unique at a resolution of 2640 x 1200 pixels.


In terms of how it has powered, there has also been some news on that front. The Mate 40 Pro will likely be powered by the next-generation Kirin chipset. This could be manufactured by TMSC using the 5nm process. However, none of this is totally confirmed.

Many expect the camera to be a particular selling point of the Mate 40 Pro. Other devices in the series have had some pretty exceptional camera features so there is no reason to expect anything different.

However, this is an area that is currently being kept fairly well under wraps. It looks like we will have to wait until launch to see the full functionality of the device and what new features are on offer.


Expect more and more details to leak out on the Mate 40 Pro. This most recent revelation about 3D face recognition is hardly groundbreaking but coupled with the other rumours it begins to allow us to pieces together more about the device.

As with anything though we will not know everything until release. To that end we must keep our ears to the ground and wait for any more information that may surface.