Pandora Receives Dark Mode As Part of Android 10


It has been announced that Pandora will receive a dark mode as part of the Android 10 update as reported by Android Police. This makes the radio streaming app the latest of many to get the feature as part of Android 10. This process has so far been quite slow for many apps and Pandora is no different.

Some apps have implemented a dark mode relatively seamlessly and quickly. Google Docs, Sheets and Slides has had difficulties owing to the configuration of the layout of the app currently. Facebook has also taken its time to implement the highly requested feature and even now it is now rolling out to everyone.

Dark mode coming to Pandora

There are very little in the way of details on what the dark mode will look like. Pandora did not want to be part of APK Mirror which allows new updates to be viewed before they come out.


However, it is likely that most users will be happy with the change. Dark mode is always a heavily requested feature and whatever it looks like it will impress.

However, most users have moved on from the more traditional radio station set up of Pandora. Therefore, it may not arrive to much fanfare owing to the relatively low user base.

There will still be those that enjoy Pandora's music recommendation engine so this will be a great move for them.


Android Police is expecting the feature to roll out very slowly from the company over the coming weeks and months. However, there are no concrete details on a timescale so you will have to watch this space.

Pandora also adds offline podcast support

Dark mode is not the only new feature coming to the app, although it is the most important and exciting.

Pandora has also announced that the app will now support offline podcast support. This feature will only be available for its plus and premium users.


However, a feature like this will be very welcomed by its users as it is something we have come to expect from other streaming apps.

Pandora has also recently launched a new Black Music Forever radio station to support black music. This was a great move from the company as part of wider initiatives to support minorities in the music business.

Hopefully, Pandora can continue to provide these updated and modern features for its user base. A dark mode and offline podcast support is a good start but more can definitely be done to improve the platform.